Bail Bonds in Oxnard, CA

Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Satisfy the Payment of Bail, and Allow for Release from Pre-Trial Detention.

At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we believe that defendants deserve their freedom until proven guilty in a court law. If you or a loved one has suffered an arrest, a bail bond typically represents the sole avenue to release. While the court may allow some first-time defendants to leave on personal recognizance, everyone else needs to post bail to escape pre-trial detention. People without experience of arrest often fail to understand how the process works. If you get arrested for a crime, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, the court will detain you until your scheduled hearing. An overburdened system will typically schedule hearings far into the future, which means the defendant will spend weeks or months incarcerated. This will happen regardless of the defendant’s guilt, since that aspect remains to be proven.

Bail offers an avenue to freedom and release from pre-trial detention. Those who post bail can enjoy not only the comforts of home, friends, and family, but also plan their trial defense. While jail officials must allow inmates to meet with an attorney, it remains easier to craft a defense without the restrictions and stress of incarceration. A defendant released on bail also doesn’t have to worry about losing their job, or experience the difficulty of maintaining bill payments and other responsibilities while behind bars.

A judge will often set bail at thousands of dollars, an amount that most people simply cannot pay. This is where a bondsman steps in. A licensed bondsman can provide a bail bond, which acts as a surety bond to create a binding agreement between the court, defendant, and bondsman. The court permits the release of the defendant, who promises to attend the scheduled court hearing. The bondsman then acts as guarantor, and agrees to pay the full bail amount if the defendant flees. For more information on bail bonds for Oxnard, CA and the surrounding area, please browse our website, or give us a call at (805) 486-8466.

Fast, Emergency Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds

A Bail Bond Represents a Binding Agreement Between the Court, Defendant, and Bondsman.

Any arrest will likely feel like an emergency, with jail release as the paramount concern. The team at FINELINE Bail Bonds maintains 24-hour availability to address the needs of its clientele. Most arrests happen in the middle of the night, with Friday and Saturday evenings as particularly busy times for the local jail. Since we want our clients to rest easy in assurance of our expertise, we stay available at all times to answer questions or begin the bail bond process.

A defendant can confidently walk free on a bail bond, but not until a judge sets the bail. While these arraignment hearings typically occur during normal business hours, some charges will have bail set automatically on a bail schedule. Our experience with local jails means we can quickly determine whether this is the case. If so, we can arrange rapid jail release anytime, day or night. If we must wait for an arraignment hearing, rest assured that we will have any client subsequently released with all expedience.

Weapons Charges

Bail Bonds

California Has Made it Illegal to Sell Automatic Weapons.

A weapon violation represents a common reason for incarceration. Many weapons violations are “wobblers”, a term used to describe charges that the court can characterize as either misdemeanors or felonies. The circumstances of the arrest, nature of the charge, and prior history of the defendant represent the factors that weigh into this categorization. For certain felony weapon charges, the term of imprisonment can extend to 20 years.

While federal law provides Californians with the constitutional right to own firearms, a vast array of state laws restrict both gun possession and the right to purchase. For example, individuals convicted of a felony may not own or possess a gun. Since felonies remain on criminal records for the remainder of a person’s life, this will permanently restrict access to firearms. Other laws dictate when and how a gun owner can carry or employ their firearm. At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we provide bail bonds for both misdemeanor and felony weapon charges.



Bail for a felony can easily rise to tens of thousands of dollars. For example, bail for assault with serious bodily injury can cost $50,000, while a DUI that resulted in a death can have bail set at $100,000. Since these numbers vastly outstrip the available resources of most people, a bail bondsman will represent the only venue for freedom. At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we provide bail bonds for a variety of felony charges.

  • Felony DUI People who accumulate three DUIs can expect a felony charge on their fourth. Any DUI can become a felony in certain scenarios.
  • Felony Drug Charges Other than drug possession, most drug charges will count as a felony. This includes possession with intent to sell, and drug manufacturing and transport.
  • Domestic Violence Felonies Though generally prosecuted as a misdemeanor, domestic violence can become a felony in the event of significant bodily harm.
  • Weapons Charge Wobblers Most weapon charges are considered “wobblers”, which means they can count as either a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Felony Assault and/or Battery Assault and battery become felonies if the charge is “aggravated”. This typically describes scenarios that involve a deadly weapon or serious physical harm.
  • Grand Theft Theft of an item worth more than $950 in value will result in felony charges in California.



Most misdemeanors are not considered serious crimes. Nevertheless, bail can easily rise to thousands of dollars. Most people will struggle or find it impossible to dig up this amount in cash, and so will trust a bondsman for their release. If this sounds like your situation, you can trust the experts at FINELINE Bail Bonds for an expedient solution to your dilemma. With our experience and familiarity with local jails, we can quickly and easily arrange for a misdemeanor defendant’s release.

  • Misdemeanor DUI In California, the first three DUIs a person accumulates will count as misdemeanors.
  • Drug Possession Since the passage of Proposition 47, drug possession in California is typically a misdemeanor.
  • Domestic Violence Domestic violence is generally considered a misdemeanor, unless the act resulted in pronounced physical harm.
  • Weapon Misdemeanors A lack of both previous offenses and criminal intent will lead judges to categorize weapon charges as misdemeanors.
  • Assault and/or Battery Unless aggravated through the involvement of a deadly weapon or serious physical harm, assault and battery are misdemeanors.
  • Disorderly Conduct Disorderly conduct charges, including public intoxication and refusal to disperse, are usually misdemeanors.
  • Petty Theft Petty theft and shoplifting are prosecuted as misdemeanors, and occur when the value of stolen goods falls under $950.


The Process

Most everyone knows that a bail bond can spring a person from pre-trial detention. Fewer people understand exactly how this works, however. Put simply, a bail bond represents a surety agreement between the court, defendant, and bondsman. The defendant pays the bondsman a premium, usually 10 percent of the bail amount. The bondsman subsequently accepts responsibility for the full bail if the defendant flees.

  • Bail FAQ We’re your expert source for any questions about bail, bail bonds, and jail release.
  • The Bail Process The process of jail release follows a standard procedure centered on bail.
  • After the Arrest In order to prepare for the worst, everyone should understand the process behind arrest and booking.
  • Securing Your Release We can generally have clients released in as little as 15 minutes.



A key element to our success as a bail bond provider comes from our close understanding of local jails. While the bail process is standardized and cemented into law, different jails have their avenues of contact and release procedures. When it comes to one of our local facilities, we know exactly who to call, and precisely how to hurry the release process along.

  • Santa Barbara County Jail This jail serves as the main facility for detention in Santa Barbara County.
  • Ventura Pre-Trial Detention Facility The main detention center in Ventura County, this jail holds many inmates who are waiting for their trial.
  • East County Jail If you are arrested in or around Thousand Oaks, CA, you can expect transport to this jail.
  • Todd Road Jail Though it has beautiful landscaping and plenty of inmate services, pre-trial inmates at Todd Road Jail will still appreciate their release.
  • Lost Hills Jail This detention facility services an area near Malibu in Los Angeles County.

Contact Us for 24/7 Bail

At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we understand that few people ever expect an arrest. Since pre-trial detention can extend indefinitely, an arrest for even a minor charge can wreak havoc on someone’s finances, relationships, and employment. Though the cash bail system has its detractors, it currently represents the sole avenue to freedom for most defendants. As a bondsman, we take pride in our provision of this indispensable service.

If you ever find yourself handcuffed and placed in a police cruiser, or answering a late-night phone call from a detention center, you will likely need our help. To better serve our clients, we maintain 24/7 availability. Keep our number handy, or commit it to memory, and you can rest easier in the assurance of rapid jail release. FINELINE Bail Bonds represents the expert source for bail bonds in Oxnard, CA and the surrounding area. Should you ever find yourself in need of our help, don’t hesitate to call (805) 486-8466 at any time.